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Zihan Kassam

Art Exhibitions

Mar 2011 – ‘Nature Abstracts’ solo exhibition, The Talisman, Nairobi

May 2011 – Reflections from the Lake, LBAG Exhibition, The Village Market, Nairobi

May 2011 – Nairobi Gallery, Annual Exhibition, National Museums of Kenya, Nairobi

Sept 2011 – Heart of Art, The Village Market, Nairobi

Sept 2011 – Conceptual Art Exhibition, Nairobi National Museum, Nairobi

Nov 2011 – RIKA Conference, 7 Top Kenyan Women Artists, Sarit Centre, Nairobi

Dec 2011 – Rejoice, Celebrating Female Creativity, Lily Pond Arts Centre, Nanyuki

Sept 2012 – ‘Shelter for a Sage’ Preview, Ruby Cup Champagne Brunch, Nairobi

Oct 2012 – ‘Shelter for a Sage’ solo exhibition, Talisman, Nairobi

Aug 2013 – Lawyers without Borders exhibition, US Embassy Exhibition, Nairobi

Oct 2013 – ‘The Bicycle Man’ solo exhibition, Talisman, Nairobi

Feb 2014 – ‘The Oaks’ solo Exhibition, Rift Valley Leather, Nairobi

Aug 2014 – ‘Elysian Fields’ solo Exhibition, The Talisman, Nairobi

Feb 2015 – Lamu Painters Festival 2015, Baatil Aman Exhibition, Lamu

Feb 2015 – KSPCA Art Auction, Nairobi

Mar 2015 – Concerning the Internal, Circle Art Agency, Nairobi

Aug 2015 – The EAC Arts and Culture Festival by National Museums of Kenya, KICC, Nairobi

Oct 2015 – The AAS, National Museums of Kenya, Nairobi National Museum

Oct 2015 – In the Coming Year Exhibition, The Art Space, Nairobi

Nov 2015 – Kenya Art Fair, Sarit Centre, Nairobi

Mar 2016 –  FOTA Exhibition, International School of Kenya

May 2016 – The Den Exhibition, Dusit D2 Hotel, Nairobi

July 2016 – The Den Exhibition, Dusit D2 Hotel, Nairobi

Nov 2016 – The Heinrich Boell Foundation, Kenyan Arts Diary 2017 Exhibition

Feb 2017 – ‘Lamu Blue’ Series, Lamu Art Festival, Lamu Fort, Lamu

July 2017 – ‘The Cooling Saucer’ solo exhibition, The King Post, Nairobi

Workshops & Residencies

March 2011 – Art Writing with Marina Cashdan of Frieze Magazine, Kuona Trust

May 2011 – Art, Identity & Boundaries, Footnotes Team, Kuona Trust

June 2011 – Figure Drawing & Painting with Patrick Mukabi, Kuona Trust

Sept 2011 – Conceptual Art Workshop, National Museum of Kenya

Aug 2013 – Art Writing Consultative Seminar, National Museums of Kenya

Feb 2015 – Lamu Painters Festival, Lamu Island, Kenya

Apr 2016 – Cultural Journalism, Goethe-Institut, Kenya

June 2016 – Curator’s Workshop, Azu Nwambogu/Raphael Chikukwa, Goethe-Insitut Nairobi

Jan 2021 - Book Writing Workshop with Author Yvonne Adhiambo Owour, Nairobi

Workshops Conducted

Dec 2011 – Gor Soudan & Zihan Kassam Art Writing Workshop, Kuona Trust

Live Drawing Classes

Exhibitions Curated

Sept 2011 – ‘Heart of Art, The Village Market, Nairobi

Nov 2015 – Gizani Dinner in the Dark, Villa Rosa Kempinski, Nairobi

Nov 2016 – Chasing Waterfalls by Elaine Kehew, Lord Errol, Nairobi

Oct 2017 – Remote: The Yearning of the Dispossessed, Goethe Institut, Nairobi

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