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Articles written by Zihan Kassam: 

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The Star

1.      A Discerning Wanjiku: Art & The Wanjiku Revolution

2.      Adrian Nduma exhibits at the new Osteria Gallery

3.      A Hovel and a Home: Dickson Kaloki’s 1st Solo Exhibition

4.      African Heritage House Hangs in the Balance

5.      Alex in Wonderland: Alex Mbevo (2013)

6.      And Another Thing by Timothy Brooke, One Off Gallery (2012)

7.      An Ode to Willpower: Alexandra Spyratos at Gallery Watatu

8.      Another World is Possible: Paul Onditi and Gor Soudan

9.      A Premonition for Kisumu: Launch of The Little Art Gallery

10.   Are Kenyans Ready to Invest in Kenya Contemporary Art?

11.   Art and Life – The Perfect Union

12.   Art by Prescription: A Look at Commissioned Work

13.   Art, Irony & Anguish: Kisumu Peace Monument Restored

14.   Art is our Potential: KCCL Exhibition 2012

15.   Art is our Special Ability: A KCCL Art Exhibition

16.   A Toast to the ‘Watch Dog’: James Mbuthia at One Off

17.   Brothers in Arms: A Paradise Lost

18.   Chasing Art & Auras in Nairobi (2014)

19.   Circle Art Agency – The Launch

20.   Circle Art Gains Traction – Xtract.Subtract.Abstract.

21.   Colourful Africa: Patricia Njeri at Talisman (2012)

22.   Dale Webster: Portraiture, Pleasure & Play

23.   Disguise and Deliverance: Geraldine Robarts’ Mask Paintings

24.   Every Tree has a Voice: Anthony Athaide and the New Culture Centre

25.   Enter Absolut: Absolut Art Competition at Kuona Trust

26.   Free or Fettered? The Freedom Exhibition at NNM

27.   From Surreal to Sublime: Sneak Preview Peter Elungat 2012

28.   Geraldine Robarts and the Stroke of Creation

29.   Geraldine Robarts’ Fresh Stream of Consciousness

30.   Gor Soudan: Tyre to Weapon, Wire to Art, Art to Message

31.   How to Make an Artist come Home with you: M/eat the Artist

32.   In The Limelight: Who is Samuel Njuguna Njoroge?

33.   It all Begins at Home: InHouse Talanta NMK 2012

34.   James Muruki: A Profile

35.   Joseph Murumbi’s Legacy: The Murumbi African Heritage Collection

36.   Kenya’s First Art & Beer Festival March 2012

37.   Kobo Trust Exhibition Village Market: Sidney Mang’ong’o, Cyrus Kabiru, Dennis Murguri

38.   Labyrinth: 50 years of Art in Kenya

39.   Mary Ogembo: ‘African Beauty’ at Karen Country Club

40.   Mutations at Maasai Mbili

41.   Mwanzo Mpya: Longinos Nagilas at Shifteye Gallery

42.   No Rust in Rustic: The Lake Basin Art Group’s 4th Show

43.   Salt of the Earth: Geraldine Robarts’ New Watercolour Series

44.   Sanctioning our Inheritance: Giovanna de Palma and University of Nairobi

45.   Of Life & Art: Dr. Arch Reuben Mutiso Architect & Art Collector

46.   Of Solitary Waiting: Ermias Ekube at Talisman Restaurant

47.   Over the Bridge: Lily Pond Arts Centre in Nanyuki

48.   Saline Solutions: Photographer Barry Koenecke

49.   Saving African Heritage House

50.   Sex & the City: Michael Soi, John Kamicha and Thom Ogonga

51.   Smokey Gets Around: Paul Onditi goes to Bonhams

52.   Sneak Preview of Circle’s Kempinski Auction (2013)

53.   Someone Say Something: Body Mapping at KCC

54.   Sphere of the Surreal: The Art of Peter Elungat

55.   That Sanguine Seclusion: The Artist Compulsion for Solitude

56.   The Charcoal Effect: Dickson Kaloki Talisman 2012

57.   The Chopping Board: 11 in One Day Exhibition, Rustique

58.   The Collective Countenance: Joseph Cartoon at NMK 2012

59.   The Evolution of a Paintbrush: The Art of Tom Mboya

60.   The Missing Tooth: Amyn Abdula & The Eddibu Collection

61.   The Nairobi Art Scene is Vibrant, and the World has taken Note

62.   The Pastoral, Political & Pious: 14 artists at One Off Gallery

63.   The Phantom Garden: Irene Wanjiru’s Sculpture Garden

64.   The Shambles of Socialization: Studio Visit with Peterson Kamwathi

65.   The Spherique Indian Ocean Art Project (March 2012)

66.   The Stigma of Excellence: A Day at Alan Donovan’s

67.   The Joy of Candour: Chege Gitura’s 1st Exhibition

68.   This Little Piggy Went to the Market: Circle at Bonhams

69.   The Word from Bond Street – Eight Kenyans show at Bonhams

70.   Through the Window: The Ana Mdomo Exhibition

71.   Tingatinga – Da Ting Man? TACS in Dar es Salaam

72.   What’s in a Name? Abushariaa Ahmed Revisits Kenya

1.      Democracy & Demeanour: Emerging Kenyan Artists Political & Social Discourse

2.      Inside Beatrice Wanjiku’s Straightjacket

3.      Jackie Karuti: Pedal to the Medal

4.      Maral Bolouri: Reserved for the Brave

5.      Michael Soi: Live from Kuona Trust

6.      Scratching at Yesterday: Eltayeb Dawelbait, ‘Resurrection – Fragmented Faces’

7.      Shabu the Conscientious: In to the psyche of Kenyan Artist Shabu Mwangi

8.      The Lamu Art Festival 2017

9.      The Preserved Interior: Gor Soudan exhibits at Red Hill Gallery, Nairobi

10.   The Reappearing Act: Hussein Halfawi is back on the Scene

11.   Thom of All Trades: Kenyan Contemporary Artist Thom Ogonga

12.   What in the World? Scandal around Kenyan Pavilion Venice Biennial

13.   Dans la tête: Stanislaw Trzebinski

Conceptual Fine Arts

1.      “African Revolutionaries in Culture” Prince Yemisi Shyllon the Collector

2.      More than Popcorn: Ugandan artists exhibit at Circle’s ‘Kampala Contemporary’

3.      A curator is born: a look at Kenya’s first curator’s workshop

4.      Who is Lavinia Calza: art agent and collector

5.      Kitengela: New artist community in Kenya

6.      Zeitz MOCAA: The Lightening Bird 2018

7.      David Thuku: The Barter of Ideas June 2018

8.      Disclosure & Disbelief: Kaloki Nyamai at the Stellenbosch Triennale

Circle Art Agency

2014 Modern and Contemporary Art Auction East Africa Catalogue

Lamu Painter’s Festival

Lamu Painters Festival catalogue 2015

Lamu Arts Festival catalogue 2016

The Searchlight: Navigating the Group Exhibition at NNM

The Fusion Diary

Lake Basins Torrents Back

The Nation

1.      Ed Cross, Margaretta wa Gacheru and Jak Katarikawe

2.      New Nairobi Agency Unveils the Best of East African Art

3.      Saving African Heritage House

The Village Beat

The Heart of Art Exhibition

Additional Published Art Writing

Art Life, UP Magazine, African Colours

The Talisman Restaurant – Online ‘Art’ Blog

 Art Writing for Qambani East African Art Collection Book, Zanzibar

Website and catalogue copy for artists:

Fitsum Berhe Woldelibanos

Maral Bolouri

Joachim Sauter

Adeo I Searchlight

1.   Faults & Fissures: Michael Musyoka and Our Failing Constructs Worldwide

2.   Reality as Reverie: Boniface Maina's Spellworks of Art

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"But it is not the racing cyclists, hard of muscle and squeezed by lycra, who interest the artist and writer Zihan Kassam. For her, the rhythm of life can be found in the ordinary riders of the black mambas that are everywhere and nowhere; invisible yet on every street, in all the towns and villages and being ridden with determination up every dusty hill. With towering crates of bread, or milk or even live chickens strapped to their parcel shelves, these big, black bikes with the double crossbars are the lifeblood of the small businesses that make up so much of East African trade."

The East African: Invisible Riders of the Black Mamba - Art Critic Frank Whalley

Press about Zihan Kassam

The East African How One Man Makes a Difference by Art Critic Frank Whalley

The East African A taste of the blue in landscapes of the mind by Art Critic Frank Whalley

Business Daily Artists Bring Colour to the Talisman by Arts Reporter Margaretta wa Gacheru

Business Daily August is the month for local artists to show their stuff by Margaretta wa Gacheru

The Star Zihan Kassam’s Mind Soars at Will by Nduta Waweru & Frida Kamikazi

The Star Shelter for a Sage Exhibition at Talisman by Monicah Mwangi

The Star Shelter for a Sage by Pauline Odhiambo

The Star The Mysterious Man on a Bicycle by Nduta Waweru

Up Nairobi For the Love of Nature by Anyiko Owoko 

International & Local Painters Indulge in the Lamu Festival by Margaretta wa Gacheru

Tidal Wave of Activity hits the Nairobi Art Scene by Margaretta wa Gacheru

Up-and-coming Female artists in Kenya by Frank Whalley

The East African The Discreet Charm of a Private Viewing but not even a Cup of Tea by Frank Whalley

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