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The Adeo Art Forum

Based in Kenya, Searchlight serves as a online platform for the arts where published writers, researchers and art historians, whose articles have been displaced or require an unconventional platform, can share their articles with an open-minded audience.

Stepping away from the magazine format, Searchlight follows the same philosophy as Adeo, publishing quality over quantity and carefully selecting only a small collection of rare insights into the artist mind.

We steer away from the typical biography to explore psychological and philosophical narratives and create more documentation. 

Karibu to use the information we have provided to bolster new essays and stories, in your own voice, with your own words.

Searchlight: Text



Faults and Fissures: Michael Musyoka

A discourse on Kenyan artist Michael Musyoka's subversive series 'Time & Other Constructs', which speaks to the framework of society, government, and punitive action. Musyoka exposes the shackles of convention and how our current reality is a towering lie.


Ergo das Ego: Dale Webster

Art Historian Dale Webster contemplates Albrecht Durer’s portrait of a girl with a diverted gaze. Webster lived in Kenya fourteen years during which he exhibited a few series of his own portraiture. His pictures of Kenyan artists exhibited at Red Hill Art Gallery attracted significant attention on the Kenyan art scene.


Reality as Reverie: Boniface Maina

Boniface Maina’s interpretations of reality are reliably emotive with a  strange, metaphysical air. One can see the sorrow in his donkey’s eyes. He dabbles with proportion, creating paintings that sit somewhere between abstract and figurative. Here, he explores and interprets the social repercussions of the Covid 19 pandemic.


Lemek Sompoika:
On how Perception becomes Truth

Lemek Sompoika on truth, perception and the power of abstraction. Through a deep-seated psychological narrative, Sompoika reconnects with nature's oneness, and to his Maasai convictions from childhood.

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